What’s the Difference Between Levels A, B and C?

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Deciding which child care to choose can be a daunting task for any parent.  Start by visiting resources available on South Carolina’s websites at www.scchildcare.org and www.abcquality.org.  The websites, administered by the South Carolina Department of Social Services, have a great feature to find child care providers in your area just by entering your zip code into the Search for a Provider tool.  All licensed and registered child care providers near your zip code will pop up.  The website organizes the highest quality rated programs at the top of the list.  Not a lot of quality providers in your area?  The website will give you a list of quality child care providers just outside your zip code at the bottom of the listing.

Not all child care providers elect to be ABC Quality providers.  For providers that have volunteered to participate, ABC Quality provides a rating that is consistent with their commitment to providing children with higher quality experiences.  So, what do all these ratings mean?

What’s in a Rating?
Providers in ABC Quality are regularly monitored for safety, cleanliness, program caliber and structure, caregiver/child interactions, and other hallmarks of high quality.  ABC Quality Monitors visit every program that participates and look for evidence in three areas of quality: health and safety; interactions between caregivers and children; and the learning environment.  

Providers are given a rating that indicates their commitment to creating higher quality experiences that meet, exceed or surpass basic standards.  ABC Quality has five levels that represent quality child care programs, ranging from A+ to C.

Levels A+ & A
ABC Quality providers at Level A or A+ are rated the highest level of quality child care programing.  These programs exceed the expectations at Levels B and C.  You can expect staff in Level A programs to meet the highest standards for teacher education and experience.  Teachers use enhanced teaching and learning activities throughout the day to promote the individual developmental needs of each child.  Family involvement opportunities are vital to program success.  Providers implement expanded health and safety policies and procedures supporting children’s well-being.

Level B+ & B
ABC Quality providers at Level B exceed Level C expectations by delivering interactions between teachers and children that are engaging.  Programs provide a variety of types of opportunities for children to explore to include both indoor and outdoor learning experiences.  Activities and routines inform the daily schedule and allow time for meals, naps and active play.

Level C
ABC Quality providers at Level C meet mandated health and safety standards of child care and provide programs that are in compliance with state regulations.  Level C programs provide age-appropriate activities for children and engage in positive conversations between teachers, children, and families.

For more information on choosing an ABC Quality child care provider visit www.abcquality.org or call 1-800-763-2223.

By ABC Quality Team at 29 Aug 2017, 11:00 AM