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Should my child receive more than one hearing screening?

South Carolina has approximately 1.2 million children, so one can estimate that up to 12,000 children in SC have a permanent hearing loss. ABC Quality explores important information regarding hearing health.

By ABC Quality Team at 11 Dec 2018

1 in 68 Can't Wait: Delays in Autism Diagnosis Are Too Costly

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. ABC Quality explores the importance of early intervention.

By Joyce Kimrey at 27 Nov 2018

In the battle against germs, do hand sanitizers really work?

No matter how much you clean or how often you tell your children to wash their hands, germs are simply a fact of life. ABC Quality explores the effectiveness of hand sanitizers.

By ABC Quality Team at 13 Nov 2018

What’s the best way to stop my child’s use of a pacifier?

One of the first major decisions a parent has to make is when to do away with your little one’s pacifier. ABC Quality explores the ideal age for parents to consider.

By ABC Quality Team at 30 Oct 2018

How can I make everyday life educational for my child?

Learning is not always done with pencil and paper, nor is learning limited to the classroom. ABC Quality explores how to make everyday life educational for your child through enjoyable interactive activities.

By ABC Quality Team at 16 Oct 2018