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How do I know if my child is too sick to go to school?

As any parent or caregiver knows all too well, almost every child has his or her fair share of colds and coughs, stomach aches, and other illnesses that are a normal part of childhood. But knowing whether a child is too sick to go to daycare or school can be a tough call.

By ABC Quality Team on September 29, 2020

What are the benefits of sending my child to daycare?

For parents and caregivers—married or single—who are trying to juggle the many needs of a growing family while also trying to work or go to school, daycare is one of the most beneficial options you can choose for your child.

By ABC Quality Team on September 22, 2020

What Are Tips to Consider When Choosing a Daycare Provider?

Whether you choose a licensed child-care provider, a registered faith-based center, or family home care, parents and caregivers have a lot to consider when choosing a daycare provider for their child. From safety concerns to staff credentials to meal plans and costs, there are many important things on a checklist when considering what center to choose.

By ABC Quality Team on September 15, 2020

How do I help my child stop a bad habit?

From thumb sucking to nose picking, childhood often involves habits that may be thought of as “bad.” But even good children have so-called bad habits and they typically are used by children as coping strategies to help soothe such emotions and feelings as stress, boredom, insecurity, frustration, or unhappiness. The good news is that most of these behaviors are just phases—not serious medical or psychological conditions—and most children soon outgrow them.

By ABC Quality Team on September 8, 2020

Why are the first five years of my child’s brain development so important?

During the first five years of life, a child will undergo such intensive developmental transformations that it’s often hard for parents to recognize their newborn as the same little person entering kindergarten. These first five years are often called “the leap years” not only because a child grows by leaps and bounds but also because a child’s ever-changing brain is continually evolving—literally leaping forward with learning, developing, absorbing and building a foundation for how they will learn for the rest of their life.

By ABC Quality Team on September 4, 2020