Choosing the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

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Summertime and the living is truly easy—a time for children to unwind, play outside and enjoy time off from school. For many kids, one of the most enjoyable things to do during the warmer months is a summer camp program. From church camps to academic camps to ones that provide weeklong retreats from home, there are many different types of summer camp options for children of all ages. Learn about the many different varieties of summer camps available for your child and remember to start planning now as admission deadlines typically happen during spring.

Academic Camps: Just because the school year is over doesn’t mean a child has to stop learning. Academic camps provide an opportunity for children to do some extracurricular educational pursuits in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Whether your child loves science, math or computer skills, an academic camp may be the best choice for kids who enjoy learning all year long.

Outdoor Adventure Camps: Adventure camps help children enjoy the great outdoors on a daily basis. Whether it’s a day program or an extended camp stay, adventure camps offer educational and entertaining experiences with such activities as rock climbing, canoeing, swimming or archery. These types of camps can help children learn new athletic skills while giving them exposure to an outdoors environment.

Arts Camps: From museums to theatre camps, an arts focused camp offers opportunities for children to explore their artistic talents. Arts oriented camps revolve around such disciplines as dance, theatre, painting and writing—and they typically offer an opportunity for a young child to perform in public for the first time.

Religious Camps: Many camps are faith based day programs, including the ever popular Vacation Bible School. Kids enjoy all the traditional parts of camp such as athletic play, arts, crafts and water sports along with time for Bible study or other religious education.

Sports Camps: For the next basketball or football superstar—and even wrestling or cheerleading champ— a sports camp can offer focused instruction and play during the summer months. Sports camps are often associated with local schools or universities and are taught by experienced athletes who can help a child learn the fundamentals of a particular sport.

Special Needs Camps: Children with special needs like autism, cancer, and even developmental, physical and learning disabilities enjoy focused attention and being around their peers in special needs camps. These camps provide expert medical staff on any particular condition to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Technology Camps: From young filmmakers to those interested in computer programming, technology camps offer a young child a focused educational experience and the opportunity to be around other children with similar interests.

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