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Is part time child care okay for kids?

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There are a number of things to consider when you are deciding the type of child care that fits your family’s needs, including:

The Loss of Routine

When children know what to expect and can predict what’s ahead, they’re more settled and secure. Everything from when to eat breakfast to the nighttime routine before bed provide a safe feeling for children. An irregular child care schedule can be stressful for both babies and children. One of the most important aspects of a high quality child care setting is the teacher’s relationship with the children. Not only does it affect a child’s predictable routine, he may have different caregivers every time he attends. Infancy and childhood are times of dramatic growth and change. It’s easier for children to manage the growth and adjustment successfully within the familiar context of a routine.

Slow-to-Warm Temperaments

Some children are innately uneasy or cautious when placed in new situations or when meeting people they don’t know. As infants they may seek out preferred, trusted caregivers and may shy away from others. These children are often well adjusted, but proceed with activities and interactions at a different and more deliberate pace. Stressful situations, such as being dropped off unexpectedly at a child care provider with strange teachers, can lead slow-to-warm children to become more introverted and guarded.

Lack of Socialization

Socialization begins in infancy and continues throughout our lives. Early experiences with peers are the basis for an adult’s ability to communicate, cooperate, build friendships and solve problems. Good social and behavior-management skills are critical school readiness traits. Child care settings can also bring parents together. Parents meet and get to know other parents who are experiencing the similar phases and challenges. Many lasting friendships begin at child care settings for both children and adults.

There are plenty of high quality, part-time child care options if that’s the type of child care that will work best for your family. Knowing how the experience can challenge an infant or child will help you understand whether this structure of care is right for your child and how to provide your child with healthy structure, confidence and support. A good indicator of quality is to ask the provider’s ABC Quality level and ask to see their license or registration.

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By ABC Quality Team on April 11, 2017